Process Mining

what is process mining

Process mining technology allows for a deep-dive analysis and visualization of all of your business processes in one clear view to help you rapidly detect and remedy issues and inefficiencies that may otherwise remain hidden. At Balboa Tax & Solix, clients benefit from our Freemium business model, which allows them to begin the process mining journey in Power BI free of charge. For those who desire more assistance, our Irvine, CA team is here to help with an easy-to-use tool we developed to provide reliable analytics. It’s accessible via laptop, tablet, or smartphone and compatible with other Microsoft Power platforms for maximum convenience. With minimal human touch, all of your company’s process data is mined to reveal valuable insights that lead to improvements in your operations. The result is an optimally efficient business that allows each team member to focus their efforts where you need them most.

With a meaningful picture of your business’ vital data, you can make sense of the numbers to understand what is really happening in your business. The goals you set are based on realistic projections from your own factual data. That means your business goals are attainable and there’s no wasted time implementing a plan that doesn’t work. If you’re ready to save time and money, it’s time to mine with help from a trusted accounting firm firm.

Process Mining for Your Business

If you’re ready to have an understandable process model of your business processes so that you can maximize efficiency, call us today at 949-999-5000 for more information or to schedule a free consultation.